ONETEP Vacancies

Imperial College London and University of Warwick

Two Research Associate positions available, one at Imperial College London in the groups of Prof Arash Mostofi and Prof Peter Haynes, and another at University of Warwick in the group of Dr Nicholas Hine. These positions are part of the same collaboration and will be complemented by a third position at Southampton in the group of Prof Chris Skylaris that will be advertised later in 2022. Details of the positions at Imperial and Warwick, and how to apply, can be found at the links below. Closing dates for applications are 1 June 2022 (Warwick) and 6 June 2022 (Imperial). Applicants may apply to both positions.

Warwick position:

Imperial position:


Postdoctoral position in simulations with ONETEP at the intersection of chemical reactions and separations.

Application deadline 14/12/2021. Details and application instructions here:

Fully funded PhD Studentships:

Atomistic and multiscale simulations of next generation energy storage systems

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