The ODG are pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Karl Wilkinson prize: Subhayan Roychoudhury!

The prize was awarded for the paper:

"Wannier-function-based constrained DFT with nonorthogonality-correcting Pulay forces in application to the reorganization effects in graphene-adsorbed pentacene", by Subhayan Roychoudhury, David D. O’Regan, and Stefano Sanvito, Physical Review B 97, 205120 (2018)

The award, which is for research contributing most strongly to the advancement of electronic structure theory and its applications with the ONETEP linear-scaling DFT code was given to Subhayan during the ONETEP Masterclass 2019 , where he delivered a talk on the above paper.

The competition for the 2020 Karl Wilkinson prize is expected to open in early 2020.

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